Home Learning 🌈🏠

Here is some of the amazing work 4LA have sent me this week! We have African masks, spelling tasks and various posters!

A huge well done to all of these pupils, I am super impressed by all of the extra work you are doing as well as Google Classroom.

Science Activities!

Make a Solar Oven

Equipment: foil, cardboard box, 2 sticks, scissors, paper plate, black paper/card, marshmallows and/or chocolate buttons, clingfilm.

How to: cut the lid of the box so that it opens on a hinge like a pizza box; cover the inside of this lid with foil; place the black paper/card on the base of the box; place food on a paper plate and place inside the box; cover the opening above the food with clingfilm to keep the food clean; prop open the lid with the sticks and position the box so that the foil reflects light onto the food.  

What is happening? The black paper/card absorbs the heat and the foil reflects the heat from the sun onto the food, making it melt.

Taking it further: children could explore what happens they use black card/paper as their plate. At what speed do different types of food melt?

Minibeast Modelling

Equipment: foil.

How to: Challenge the children to use a piece of foil to create an insect and a spider. Ask them to explain what is different about them and what is the same: body parts, habitats, what they eat, how they move etc.

Taking it further: if class-based, children could classify, sort and compare their different minibeasts.