This week 4LA began their new science topic … CIRCUITS AND CONDUCTORS.

4LA dived straight in and made their own circuits.

Stone Age Day

Below are some of the activities 4LA took part in for our Stone Age Day!

A huge well done to you all. You have been so enthusiastic and worked hard throughout the day. It has been fantastic. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Peacemakers ☮️

4LA took part in their first Peacemaker circle time this week. They played various games together to encourage them to cooperate with one another throughout. They learned lots of new and interesting facts about everyone.

Roman Engineering

A huge well done to 4LA for all their hard work in researching and presenting their findings on what the Romans engineered for Britain.

I loved seeing the different presentations, from posters to PowerPoints! Great teamwork, keep it up!