Ukulele Websites

Hi 4LA,

Just a reminder to visit the ukulele websites and lets get practicing at home please! 


Let’s get rocking 😃

Universal Children’s Day Poster

We used UNICEF’s United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child to label our posters! We placed pieces of paper on top of the poster with a specific right relating to certain features in the picture.

Universal Children’s Day Pledges

As part of today’s celebration for Universal Children’s Day 4LA created their own unique pledges, such as:

-I pledge to play with children who are on their own at break time

-I pledge to help my parents around the house

-I pledge to check that my friends are feeling okay and to try and cheer them up if they are not

Anti-bullying poem

Today 4LA created our verse for the whole school anti-bullying poem. We then added this to the poem, “I am” and recorded it together as a group.

We spoke about how people may feel who are being bullied and discussed how we were all feeling after reading this poem!