Anti-bullying poem

Today 4LA created our verse for the whole school anti-bullying poem. We then added this to the poem, “I am” and recorded it together as a group.

We spoke about how people may feel who are being bullied and discussed how we was all feeling after reading this poem!

50 ways to be kind!

What a fantastic start to 4LA’s list of 50 ways to be kind! We will join these together with 4SV and 4BC to create one huge year 4 poster together.

Great ideas! Well done.

Odd Socks Day!

Today we wore odd socks to express our individuality and to show how everybody is unique! We had a great discussion around what inspired the children’s socks choice, here are some below:

“I wanted to show my individual taste and how everybody likes different things”

“I chose these socks because they are total opposites and we are all different”

“I wanted to wear these socks because they’re my favourite even if they are not somebody else’s”

Geography Enrichment Day

Today we had a Geography enrichment day. We compared our city of Birmingham to Praia Da Marinah in Portugal. We compared similarities and differences between transport, roads, natural features, facilities, entertainment and many more.

We found both places using Google Earth and annotated maps to show the differences between physical and human Geography.